FREE Market Report that includes your current neighborhood…or the one you wish to move to.

SnapStats® is a monthly report that I will email to you FREE of charge and will answer the following questions for you.

    • In the specific neighborhood where I want to buy or sell, is it a Seller’s, Buyer’s or a Balanced market?
    • Based on current trends, how long will it take to sell a home of my style, at my price point and in my neighbourhood?
    • What are homes selling for vs listed price?
    • What are the best neighborhoods to be a Seller or Buyer?

SnapStats® will educate you on what is going on in the market today, so you are prepared for tomorrow.

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Sales ratio suggests market type and speed. For example a 9% ratio means that the monthly selling rate 9 out of 100 homes.

As defined by the REBGV:

*0-11% is a Buyer’s market
*12-20% is a Balanced market
*21% plus is a Seller’s market

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